Single Tooth Replacement

Your Best Option for a Missing Tooth

When you have a tooth missing, often the simplest treatment is to have a crown fitted. However, when your tooth and root are damaged or missing, the best permanent option is to have a dental implant and ceramic crown.

This procedure is known as a single tooth replacement and can be done as a "one-piece" implant - the implant and crown are fitted as a single unit.

What You Can Expect

A single tooth replacement usually necessitates four dental visits. The option described here is one of several available. If you live in the Sun Prairie, Monona, or Madison WI areas, come and speak with us about which one best suits your situation.

Your dentist examines your mouth and takes X-rays of the affected area. The implant is installed and a temporary tooth provided. The implant will need several months to integrate with your jawbone before you can proceed with the next step.

The temporary crown is removed and your permanent ceramic tooth fitted.   No additional treatment is necessary. Your new tooth will fit, look and function just like the real thing, and normal dental hygiene practices can be used. 

What are the Alternatives?

There are three main alternatives, although none has all the advantages of a single tooth replacement.

  Tooth-supported Fixed Bridge
this is a stable solution that is easy to install and looks good. However, the healthy teeth on either side have to be sacrificed, and you will experience continuous bone reabsorption in the area where the original tooth was.
  Removable Partial Denture
although this method is relatively cheap, and easy to install, it is a temporary solution, loosely attached and therefore unstable. It is less attractive than a ceramic crown as it is made of plastic. Adjacent teeth, however, are unaffected. 
  Resin-bonded Bridge
this method is quick to install, works well and looks good. However, it isn't very long lasting and will more than likely have to be replaced after a couple of years.


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