Multiple Tooth Replacement

An Unbeatable Treatment Combination

For single tooth replacements, you can choose either a bridge or an implant. In a situation where a multiple tooth replacement is required – especially at the back of your mouth - a fixed bridge denture attached to dental implants is the only permanent solution if you want stability and natural function.

Replacing missing back teeth with implants enables you to eat whatever you want, and will also restore your facial appearance (no more sunken cheeks).

What Does the Treatment Entail?

A multiple tooth replacement can take up to four or five visits to complete, excluding the initial examination and assessment. Minor bruising and swelling of your gums will most likely be experienced afterwards, but can be relieved with normal painkillers.

This step-by-step outline describes one of several options available if you need a multiple tooth replacement. Residents in Monona, Madison WI and Sun Prairie are invited to speak with us to determine which option is best for them.

In this example, three back teeth are missing. A fixed bridge contains all three teeth in once piece, and will be secured to dental implants. The installation of the implants is usually done in one sitting. A temporary bridge may also be fitted at this time.

After a couple of months, the implants should have integrated with your jawbone. The permanent bridge can then be installed. Your new bridge is as strong as your natural teeth and you can eat with confidence.

What are my Alternatives?

Your only real alternative is a removable partial denture. While easy to install, this denture is often uncomfortable and difficult to use. It is also quite expensive, and not always very aesthetically pleasing.


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