Full Arch Replacement

We Can Give You Your Teeth Back!

Before the advent of dental implants, the only solution for people who had lost all their teeth was a removable denture. This was uncomfortable for the wearer and affected speech, taste and eating.

Thankfully today, it is possible to have a full arch replacement - a complete jaw of dental implants with a fixed bridge attached.

What are the Benefits?

  • Secure, good looking and lasts a lifetime
  • Corrects the sunken in appearance of your face
  • You can eat and talk normally

What Can I Expect from this Procedure?

Depending on your specific situation, a full arch replacement takes between eight and 10 visits. If you live in the Sun Prairie, Madison WI or Monona areas, please discuss your unique condition with us.

At the initial examination, your dentist will explain your specific procedure to you. Dental implants are installed and left for several months to fully integrate with your jaw. In the meantime, temporary teeth are attached.

The permanent bridge is fitted onto the implants. Once your treatment is complete, your teeth will look and feel completely natural.

Are there Alternative Treatments?

There are choices available, although none offers the stability, look or permanence of a full arch replacement.

  Removable Overdenture

an old fashioned denture, anchored onto implants. There are no advantages to this treatment, and it should not really be considered as an option.
  Removable, Implant Anchored Overdenture

a full denture anchored to two or more implants at the front of your jaw. This provides better function and fit than the denture described above, but cannot compare to a fixed bridge.
  Removable Full Denture

loosely placed on top of the gums, this method is uncomfortable, looks unnatural and can affect your speech. If placed on your upper jaw, it drastically affects your sense of taste.


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