Cleanings & Prevention

Preventative Dental Care Insures Your Teeth Stay Healthy

It's no secret that the key to staying healthy is preventative care. The preventative measures you take to protect your teeth will improve your dental health in the future. Teeth are essentially calcium structures that break down over time, especially with age. The better care you take of your dental health when you're young will give you strong, healthy teeth when you're older. Complete Family Dentistry offers services like teeth cleaning and fluoride treatments to help you prevent serious issues in the future.

Cleaning Services and Procedures

When you schedule an appointment for a checkup, the hygienist will take x-rays for the dentist and clean your teeth. The cleaning you get at the dentist is more intense than the average brushing and flossing you do at home. The hygienist will scrape off plaque, clean in between the gums, and polish the surface of your teeth. After your teeth cleaning, the dentist will perform an evaluation and look at your x-rays. If he or she notices any problems, they will discuss the issue with you and recommend treatments. If you take regular care of your teeth, you will probably leave your dental visit with no problems.

Additional Services

When you come in for a teeth cleaning, you can also get a fluoride treatment. Fluoride has been proved to help strengthen the teeth and prevent cavities. Since many don't get the necessary supplementation of fluoride in their diet, a treatment a couple times a year will insure that your teeth remain strong.

The dentist can also inspect your gums for periodontal disease and recommend the proper at-home treatment. Gum disease is reversible, so with proper care you can treat it at home. If you bring your children for a teeth cleaning, the hygienist can go over the proper way to brush and floss so that children understand the importance of dental health care. Come visit us and experiences our integrative dental office.


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